Azin Forge Company

What we do

Forging industry

Metal forging is the process in which metals are formed and shaped using compressive forces. The forces are delivered using hammering, pressing, or rolling. There are a number of forging processes – cold forging, warm forging, and hot forging – which are classified by the temperature of the metal being worked with
inAzuma for jewellery made a product only with hot forging method. And utilizing our 15 product line - ring rolling machines _ hydraulic press and counterblow hammer with health Hi_Tech workshop equipment and hardware, latest software, knowledgeable and experienced engineers and experts.
I was informed to company is now able to prove those any kind of standardized complex machine parts.

Azin forgeCapability

Azin forge Company has the ability to produce parts up to a weight of 400 kg in the form of ...... and up to a weight of 50 tons in the form of ......
The products of this company include forging parts in various industries such as automotive, oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery industries, railways, marine industries, etc.

The production lines in this company are as follows
14- Forged production line with closed mold with presses from 100 tons to 4000 tons
- A forged production line of 400 kJ hammer package mold
- A forged production line with open mold of 4000 ton hydraulic head
- Three forging rolling production lines with 3 rolling rims in different sizes and dimensions
 -5 lines of various heat treatments such as normal, annealing and quenching temper
Among the raw materials used in Azin Forg factory, the following can be mentioned

*A105_a266_a694_ a516 a350 lfz
*A182 f316  - a182 f304
*4130 - 4140 - ck45 - st52