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Azin Forge Heart of Factory

Azin Forge Heart of Factory

Azin Forge Heart of Factory


Hydraulic press production line has 12 heating and heat treatment furnaces with a capacity of 120 tons and 2 separate water and polymer tanks, with a total dimension of 290 cubic meters and the only 5000 mm rolling machine in the country along with a 40 MN hydraulic press (4000 tons). In addition to turning Azin Forge into a hub in the country's forging industry, relying on technical knowledge, it will eliminate the need for the country to import this type of products.


  • Hydraulic hall equipment and rolling ring
  • The 40-MN 4column hydraulic press
  • Manipulator with a displacement capacity of 50 tons
  • bogi with the ability to carry and move up to 30 tons
  • 5000 mm ring rolling Machin
  • Cranes, with the ability to move from 25 to 65 tons
  • Two polymer water tanks with a total dimension of 290 cubic meters.
  • 12 furnaces each with a maximum capacity of 120 tons.

Counterblow hammers

One of the strengths of Azin Forge is having counterblow hammers

Counterblow hammers are mainly used for large parts close forging. High impact energy and heavy tonnage of hammer molds that move in the opposite direction allow precise command of large parts in a very short time. Counterblow hammers are suitable for hydraulic drives and medium tonnage weight range

Total height of molds Wight forging range Forging longitudinal parts   Forging Force 
574 mm Up to500 kg Up to 2000 mm    400 kj